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Straighten Up will pay for an entire course of orthodontic braces for a child who would not otherwise have access to treatment. To be eligible the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be age 11-18
  • Have a record of good oral hygiene, including documentation of regular dentist visits and cleanings
  • Provide a Dental Referral Form from a licensed dentist
  • Provide proof of annual income that is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Agree to attend all scheduled appointments, follow the orthodontist's instructions for care of teeth and braces, and complete all required follow-up care

Designed to replace our old system of classroom grants, these funds are intended to cover the cost of educational projects and improvements that cannot be addressed by District Funds. Applicants must demonstrate a clear unmet need and must show how the project will benefit our schools and students. Amounts vary depending on need with a maximum possible award of $5,000.

Any employee of TCSD#1 may apply for this grant.

TCSD#1 is proud of its exceptional teachers and staff, and even more proud of the fact that they are always looking for new ways to improve their knowledge, skills, and experience. Our Leadership Development Grants provide up to $500 in funding for professional development training. Funds may be used for tuition, fees, or travel. 

Any employee of TCSD#1  may apply for this grant.

Qualifying for a national event as part of an academic team is a thrilling achievement. Student Activity Travel Grants help ensure that every student who has earned a place will be able to go. These awards are limited to $500 per student and must be used for direct travel expenses (airfare, hotel, meals, or event entry fees). To qualify the student must have been invited to a national-level event through a competitive process, and must be enrolled in a TCSD#1 school. 

Any teacher/chaperone who leads a TCSD#1 academic club or team may apply for this grant.

These small, short turn-around grants are designed to help TCSD#1 teachers and staff capture opportunities that can’t be anticipated. Each $200 grant is intended to a fill funding gap, or provide quick cash for small needs that arise. They may be used for anything that benefits our schools: snacks, classroom supplies, speaker fees, travel and transportation, last-minute professional development opportunities, etc. They may not be used to cover personal expenses or to reimburse expenses incurred prior to the grant date. 

Any TCSD#1 employee may apply for this grant. Applicants may receive only one Opportunity Grant per school year. 

Applying for college or career training has become an expensive endeavor. Our College and Career Readiness Grants provide up to $300 of funding for students to pay application and test fees that are not already covered by the District. 

Any TCSD#1 graduating senior may apply for this grant.

Jean Coldsmith was a champion for all students, but worked especially hard for those who had suffered trauma or loss in their lives. These, grants, created in her memory, pay for vital mental health services and are available to any TCSD#1 student who is in need of care. The application process is free and completely confidential. Awards vary in amount and are based on the services needed. 

Any TCSD#1 counselor or school psychologist may apply for this grant on behalf of any student.

Donor-designated funds are available for a number of school-specific or program-specific projects including healthy meal support, student activities, and capacity-building projects. Grants from these funds are limited to TCSD#1 employees and Partnership Fund representatives who have approved access. Available balances should be consulted before an application is made.